Antenna Mate

Take the guess work out of pointing a TV antenna. Within seconds Antenna Mate will accurately1 point to the direction of your best2 TV reception from anywhere in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Antenna Mate is used by professional installers, caravaners, motorhomes and DIYers from city and regional areas.

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Antenna Mate is a universal app built exclusively for iPhone and iPad.5 It's fast and works without an internet connecion.

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How does it work?

Using your current location, the device's magnetometer, and the site's power output, Antenna Mate quickly estimates the field strength for all sites near your current location and automatically plots a bearing to the best site2.

Under normal circumstances you should get an initial result within seconds. The longer you leave Antenna Mate open, the more accurate it will become. For best results use Antenna Mate outside in an open space and away from objects which cause interference.

Antenna Mate doesn't need an internet connection, that's one of the reasons why it's so fast.

Detailed transmitter data

Complete listing of all transmitters available at each broadcasting site. Data includes callsign/operator, frequency (MHz), channel, polarisation, and maximum power output (kW).

All sites by strength or distance

Prefer to point the antenna to another broadcasting site? No worries! Antenna Mate quickly finds all sites near your current location. Sites can be listed from strongest to weakest or closest to furtherest away. Pick any site from the list and Antenna Mate will instantly plot a new bearing to the selected site.

Using an amplifier or high gain antenna? You can increase the find radius up to 200 km from your current location.

What people are saying

Love it! This app is just the best for pointing your antenna to the nearest transmitter. Horizontal and Vertical polarisation is very handy. Great tool for Antenna Installers. Saves all the guess work. Worth every cent.

Damian-007, App Store Review

Use this all the time at work.

Nightsplash, App Store Review

Very highly recommended. Excellent App, simple and extremely effective. This would have to be a must have for anybody with a caravan, or anybody who installs antennas. It is very easy to use and very practical, five + stars! Informs you of direction, distance and whether it is vertical or horizontal polarisation. Cheaper than a take away cup of coffee, worth every cent. Well done!

Future Sis, App Store Review

As an ACMA officer, I find this app ABSOLUTELY invaluable! We are doing thousands of measurements before analogue gets turned off and this takes the guess work out. So if you see a white van with ACMA on the side and a 10 pole out the roof, that's us. What a terrific use of our data!! All the data is on our website but this makes it so EASY to use. Well done!

LORD Sn1per, App Store Review

Thanks for thinking of us all, Tate. Great idea. I tested it out and it works perfectly in the bush in the wilds of Tassie as well as near the cities.

Aussie RV, App Store Review

I'm an electrician in regional NSW - this app has saved me a fair bit of time lining antennas up - paid for itself a minute after I downloaded it.

One_and_only2004, App Store Review

This is so simple to use. I do a lot of traveling around Queensland installing MATV aerial systems and this makes my life so easy. No more books or looking up the web the night before.

Very bad brad, App Store Review

I have used it in about 9 western NSW towns to point the caravan aerial and it has worked perfectly every time.

Horrorking, Whirlpool Forum

Works really well, simple to use too, needs no explaining.

jokiin, Whirlpool Forum

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